McGrath Foundation Charity Event

Spring Has Arrived

When Jane McGrath lost her battle with a breast cancer, Hana Guenzl approached the McGrath Foundation with a vision to stage an event in her honour with a ‘pay it forward’ pro bono gesture. Hana and her team donated their time and effort free of charge.

The Deep Vision 4B Branding Model: Be - Become - Belong - Bond™ was used to organize and stage (within three months) a community event and to point to a different way of thinking about sustainability in terms of the “ whole community environment” and acting accordingly.

Pay it forward in the community



Collaboration, sponsorships, entertainment, event logistics, staging and donation.

(point of difference) meaningful experience

Every lady attending the evening was given a pink rose in the honour and memory of Jane McGrath.


The event was a great success, considering it was staged in the middle of the GFC; the event had an overwhelming response from sponsors, the business community and the public.


Hana Guenzl has received a personal commendation from the McGrath Foundation and a ‘Certificate of Gratitude’ for her time and efforts in raising the generous donation.

For the Press Release and Thank you to Sponsors