I am a storyteller and my speaking topics are rather diverse. Journey, narrative, soul and story are at the core of human connection.
Tap into The Power of YOU:

According to neuroscientists the human brain is not capable of distinguishing between the different platforms from which it receives stories.  That means to be told a story feels just as real to the brain as it does to live it.   I treat it as the bridge between people and the archetypes.

My passion is to build a link between individual and business success.  I am the founder of the 4B Branding Model: Be-Become-Belong-Bond™.

This creative process is based on neuroscience and holism, which provide you with the necessary tools to become a savvy leader in brand and lifestyle management — a professional field which strives to embrace future technology alongside the ethics of human behaviour.

Let's Get Together:

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Bespoke Topics:

The speaking topics are tailored for both personal and professional development, scripted around the power of you to inspire, aspire and motivate. Since the beginning of time nature, animals and myths played an integral role in the story of humanity. Bringing these into the 21
st Century, human experience is infinitely vast as is the wisdom inside of each of us - so let my storytelling steer you toward the innate intelligence and expansion of you.
Some examples of previous topics which can be tailored to your objectives:

“You’re the hero in your own movie. What role might you aspire to play?” 
IAM – Inspire, Aspire, Motivate = the real YOU stands out.”
“Tap the power of YOU: Your brand voice”
“Life is the sum of all your choices: Where are you now?”
“Matching Lock and Key: Are you looking for something to unlock?
“Fire up your business inside out: Is your team and business in synergy?
“The habit of persistence is the habit of winners.”
“The synergy of the 3 brains; mind, heart and gut. Brand is not what it says but what it does.”
“Your trusted reputation can become personal wealth – Forge a personal brand of influence.”
“I really enjoyed your inspiring storytelling full of great examples from the inner child that resides in each of us.  It is up to us to invoke it and find the meaning why we’re here. Your talk actually made me feel, like having a personal chat over a coffee with my dearest friend. Thank you for that. Your words left me confident that I can do it.” 

Belinda Carmichael London Executive Leadership

“Your storytelling and passion which you present is captivating.  Provides remarkable insight, wisdom, and practical advice about creating an extraordinary brand experience. Thank you Hana, it was both inspiring and sublimely practical.”

Leo Blumenthal CEO Nevada

“Your talk has been outstanding. Your blend of humour, your passion for branding and thought provoking content was the right climax to my attending the conference.”

Lesley White, Los Angeles e360TV LAX 2017 New Modern Media


Hana Guenzl, Black Dot Gallery and Deep Vision have been featured in:

The City Weekly, Apparel, Fashion Journal, Australian Beauty, Sunday Telegraph, The North Shore Times, SMH, The ManlyDaily, Ragtrader, Art Gallery Guide, Ruby Connection, Channel 7 - ‘Today Tonight’, Channel 9 – ‘My House’, One Dubai TVChannel, Dubai Radio, Emirates magazines in the Gulf and Middle East regions, and Russia, Los Angeles e360TV and Sir Richard Branson #1 Best Seller book “THINK BIG” – Insights from Sir Richard Branson and international Thought Leaders to name a few.


Deep Vision provided services to companies in both the B2B and B2C markets on a national and global level.

Clients amongst others have been Faber Castell, Peroni Beer, Levendi Jewellery, Percy Marks, QVB, McGrath Foundation, Allambie Wines, Barrier Reef, SC&VB, Westpac, Ruby Connection, Deloitte, Austrade, NSW Department of Industry.


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